5 SEO Mistakes you Must Avoid


In my opinion, there are 5 major SEO mistakes that you must avoid at all cost if you want your website or blog to rank high in search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the Science of optimizing your site in different ways on-page and off-page so you get placed at the top of search engine results.

There are so many false information on the net about SEO that you should experience by yourself what’s working or not, or get training from someone who knows what he is doing. SEO is always evolving and what used to work yesterday may not work today.

The most important is to avoid making SEO mistakes as it an really penalize your site without you realizing. I posted a post a while ago with a video by Matt Cutts explaining what are the Top SEO Mistakes. I advise you check it out after reading this article and have an insight of what they do at Google.

5 SEO mistakes you must avoid

1. Thin content: If your blog post is too short, in the eyes of Google it may not be enough content to answer the users’ query. Your page is then listed after other pages that answer the query more in depth than you do. The solution is to write quality content of a minimum of 500 words. More than 800 words is ideal.

2. Duplicate content: When you use other people’s content too much without adding value, your site gets penalized. It is alright to duplicate some content or re-blog posts, but you must add your own content to it.

You can for example use a paragraph from an article on another site, link back to the full article, and comment on the topic adding your own opinion.

Your input should be longer than the content used.

3. Keyword Stuffing: If you are using your main keyword too many times on the page, this will raise a flag for Google and you will get penalized. This was an old SEO method that does not work anymore and there are still people doing it.

The solution is to naturally use your main keyword on your page and achieve a +1% keyword density. If your article is 500 words, you should have 5 times your keyword in the content, not less not more. Related keywords can also be added moderately so Google understand what’s your article is about.

4. Artificial Linking: Google can detect this when you build too many links at the same time and on the same kind of sites. The use of SEO software can help get you ranked quickly, but can be very damaging to your site on the long run.

The use of certain SEO services that build links too fast can kill your ranking too. Building 1,000 links in one day is certainly a red flag you want to avoid.

The solution is to diversify the sites you are getting your back-links from; get back-links from authority sites, from web 2.0 sites, from Youtube; diversify the anchor text used in links; get no follow-links as well as do-follow links; build links slowly, but surely.

5. Not using Google’s tools: If you do not use Google’s webmaster tools and Google’s analytics you are missing out. Using these services will tell Google that your site exists and that they should pay attention to it.

In webmaster tools you can see if there are any problem with your site, Google not able to crawl and index your pages for example. You can also submit a site-map and see if there are other errors.

Concerning Google Analytics, you can see exactly what’s going on with your traffic, links, keywords… and rectify your SEO accordingly if necessary.

I hope these “5 SEO mistakes you must avoid” article will be useful to you.

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