Basic SEO Practices for Newbies


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the science of getting your website or blog on the first page of Google Search for specific search terms. In this article, I would like to cover the basic SEO practices for newbies to implement in their posts and pages.

Each page that you create should be optimized for a single keyword in order for search engines to understand clearly what the page is about. If there are too many keywords used, they get confused and can’t decide where to list your content. When you know the topic of your page or your blog post the first thing to do is to research the keyword to use.

There are two kinds of keywords or key phrases: short or long. When the keyword contains only one or two words, even three, it is considered a short keyword. If I take the phrase “SEO practices”, it is short, and consequently there is lots of traffic, but also competition to rank a page with this kind of keyword. It is then better for us to use a long tail keyword like “Basic SEO Practices for Newbies”, which will bring less traffic, but less competition.

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