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Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel?

Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel?

Would you like to learn how to time travel because if you do, then the YouTube video in this post will be very useful for you? If you are wondering if time travel is real, maybe this post, the YouTube video, and the Uthena course that goes with it will show you that it is. Read More →

Ancient Egyptian Lost Technology

I love to watch history documentaries and today I came across a Youtube video titled “The Secret of the Pyramids Finally Revealed”. The documentary explains how the Egyptians in ancient times enjoyed wireless electricity. If this is true, this ancient Egyptian lost technology could be used today instead of nuclear plants. I am not particularly good in Science Read More →

Was Albert Einstein’s Brain Different?

This is a great documentary about Albert Einstein’s brain, which was removed from the body before cremation by the doctor performing the autopsy at the time. The brain was documented with pictures and then cut in many pieces all numbered and kept in a jar. Today, it is possible to say that Einstein’s brain was different Read More →

5 Strange New Year Traditions Around the World

I was looking for something to show my readers and subscribers for the New Year 2014 and I came across an interesting video about 5 strange New Year traditions around the world. 5 Strange New Year Traditions Around the World Did you know that throwing dishes at someone’s door in Denmark shows that you like them? Read More →

Math prodigy proud of his autism

The autism spectrum is very large and each autist child is different. They all have a problem with social interaction and seem to be locked in their own world. This can change when therapies like occupational therapy, ABA therapy and speech therapy are used at an early age. * Click on the image to watch the video on Read More →