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Get Started on Steemit with Steem.Guide

Today, I’d like to show you a resource called Steem.Guide that will be very useful for you if you want to learn how to use Steem and be successful on the platform. If you have been reading my latest posts on this blog, you might have noticed that I am writing quite a lot about Read More →

What’s your Best Bitcoin Investment Strategy for 2018?

What’s your best Bitcoin investment strategy for 2018? We have seen this year a huge increase in people joining the cryptocurrency train, or rocket I should say, as Bitcoin that was at $800 last year on Christmas Day increased to $14,500 in one year. Seeing Bitcoin reach $19,000 this month, and then going back to $12,000 Read More →

Learn How to Set Up your Dash Masternode with Jerry Banfield

How to set up a Dash Masternode

Dash is a cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy and high speed transactions. It is different from Bitcoin and the other altcoins because it offers the possibility to own a Dash Masternode, which pays you dividends. Unlike the other altcoins where you make money when the price increases and lose money when the price decreases, a Read More →

Skillshare Premium Minutes Watched Case Study February 2017

Skillshare Premium Minutes Watched Case Study February 2017

Are Skillshare premium minutes watched counted when a premium student enrolls via a free link? This 2017 case study gives you the answer. With the new 2017 changes in Skillshare on how teachers get paid, I had the understanding that Premium students enrolling in a class via a free link didn’t count for premium minutes watched. Skillshare has contradicting statements Read More →

Optimize your funnels for more profit

basic funnel

I started to build a list in the Internet Marketing niche a couple of years ago and have used the basic methods of capturing leads that is taught by main stream online marketers. I then decided to learn more about list building to grow my list faster, get a better conversion rate and monetize each subscriber Read More →