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World History Reloaded an Alternative to Mainstream History!

Is ancient history as we know it a big lie? Listen to World History Reloaded, Jerry Banfield’s latest audiobook on Audible and Amazon Kindle. You may be like me, not satisfied about the mainstream ancient history as it is presented to you. There are many things that can’t be explained in ancient history books like Read More →

Do you believe in demons and angry spirits? Do you believe in paranormal activity, demons and angry spirits? This documentary will freak you out… The two stories, one of a demon possessing a young woman and then the exorcist herself; and the other the spirit of a hard catholic mother not approving of her daughter’s being gay… Enjoy!

Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal Today is Sunday and I have a serious cold, which prevents me for doing much work and forces me to stay on the coach and enjoy, between two naps, some entertainment. “Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal” is a show I like to watch as I believe there are people with these special gifts. This Read More →

Go Ghost Hunting With Us?

Real Paranormal Videos – Ghost Hunting: I just came across the Youtube channel of a guy who calls himself the “Dead Explorer”. It triggered my curiosity and interest and as I watched a couple of videos I can’t resist sharing them with you. On all episodes in the channel a group of paranormal investigators go Read More →

Is Reincarnation Real?

Is Reincarnation Real or a Myth? There are many stories of young children of two or three years old having memories that don’t belong to them. At such a young age there is no way that they could have known so much details about their past lives. This is interesting and disturbing at the same Read More →