Creating My Own Blog Over Six Months


Creating My Own Blog:

I have now 195 posts on this blog in addition to 30 pages. I have been blogging everyday without fail for more than six months writing about different topics ranging from Internet Marketing to UFO sightings. This all started when I decided it would be cool creating my own blog.

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Creating My Own Blog

Most of the time, I have lots of ideas for articles I want to write for the blog and it is just a matter of sitting at the computer. But at times, I just can’t find a topic for the day and it is difficult to have inspiration to write a post. I have the little voice inside of me saying: “No problem, skip it today!”

Does that sound familiar?

“Thank you for sharing”, I reply to the voice. “I absolutely have to write a blog post today!”

Why creating my own blog and writing a post everyday?

Creating my own blog is building an asset for the future and writing a post each day is a commitment I made to myself to create content regularly for my blog. Doing it everyday makes more content added progressively to the blog that is indexed and ranked by search engines overtime.

This is easier to write a piece each day than it is to write 7 posts on week-ends… It is now for me pretty much automatic as I have developed the habit, and the only challenge is to decide what to write about each day.

Creating My Own Blog – What niche?

Creating my own blog only on Internet Marketing for which I am passionate about was not what I wanted as I have also other topics I enjoy to write about: UFOlogy, self-development, the paranormal and personal stuff.

I have tried in the past to blog, but after a few articles I gave-up over a very busy schedule. Creating my own blog at the time was not a priority and I was not committed. I did not understand what it could do for me. I also didn’t believe I could write that many articles to make a real blog that is read.

I know I can now!

When I reach 365 posts, it will be one year worth of content, more traffic to the blog, more leads and more sales!

Yes, more sales…

Blogging can be done as a hobby, but it can also be very lucrative. You just need to have the right selling system attached to the blog.

If you like writing, then blogging is a piece of cake!

So, why not considering sharing with the world what you have to say?
You could earn a nice additional income over time just doing that.

The difficulty might be for you technical. You don’t know how to set a blog and all the technical things that go with it.

Not a problem! Creating my own blog a few years back was difficult.

It doesn’t have to be.

Do you see this blog? A 6 years old could use it.

Do like me, build your content now, see the traffic coming and make sales to supplement your current income.

That will be better than watching the next soap opera on TV.

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