Do You Know What Is Blogging?


What is blogging? Good question…

As I am asked this question quite often I decided to write a blog post to answer it: What is blogging? Blogging is the action to write a post on a blog. Most of you already do this on a FaceBook account when you post on your wall except that the space and options are very limited.

I have been blogging for several years and have just started to blog daily 8 months ago. So I know a bit about what is blogging. I chose to blog about all the topics that interest me: Internet marketing, blogging, SEO, network marketing, but also travel, the paranormal, self development and family events.

I did not want to restrict myself to one topic as it is difficult to write consistently on a single matter, and I have more to say… and that is also more fun. I did not want to write on different blogs and I wanted something easy and ready to use. The Empower Network blogging platform is perfect for this.

You too can write about the things you love or about your expertise. If you are a mechanic, you may write about “how to change a battery car”, or “how to change the brakes on a car”… Sure that this information will interest people who are searching on how to do that.

If you are more spiritual you can write about your religion and God, if you are a sport-man, you can blog about sports… There is absolutely no limitation. Now, after you asked the question “What is blogging?”, the next question is naturally “How do I make money blogging?”

What is blogging? How do I make money blogging?

In order for blogging to make you money on the long term, you have to blog as much as you can. At least you should post on your blog everyday. If you can post twice a day, just do it. Why? The more content you create on your blog, the more blog posts you will have indexed and ranked in search engines.

After a time, your posts will be ranked higher and higher in search results as your blog becomes an authority. This will bring more and more traffic or visitors to the blog. Your visitors will return to read your blog posts and they will resonate with what you have to say.

Now you can make money on your blog by selling ad space, displaying Google ads, promoting affiliate programs or selling your own products. If you choose to use an Empower blog like this one, it will be very easy. Look at the image of my blog Home Page below.

what is blogging

The sections framed in RED are each blog entry that are done everyday. When the Red button or title is clicked, the reader go to each individual blog post. The sections framed in GREEN are the advertisement banners that people click when they want to know more.

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As an affiliate you can resell the blogging platform and the other Empower Network‘s self-development and Internet marketing courses they have. All the selling is done for you after people have clicked these banners on your blog.

Now that you know what is blogging, are you ready to get started?


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