Extraterrestrial Secrets of the Vatican


Is the Vatican hiding extraterrestrial secrets? Many works of art of the past depict religious scenes with flying objects in the background. The vatican has its own astronomy laboratories and members of the church admit that it’s possible life has evolved on other planets. If it is the case, extraterrestrials are a part of God’s creation.

The Vaticans Extraterrestrial Secrets & the Antichrist

The second part of the video is about the anti-christ or the devil.

Published on Nov 21, 2013

The confirmation of extraterrestrial intelligence could have a profound impact on religious doctrines, potentially causing theologians to reinterpret scriptures to accommodate the new discoveries. 

However, a survey of people with many different religious beliefs indicated that their faith would not be affected by the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence, and another study, conducted by Ted Peters of the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, shows that most people would not consider their religious beliefs superseded by it.

Source: DiscoveryDisclosure Youtube Channel


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