Family Dinner in Bangkok Japanese Restaurant


Family Dinner:

Today is a short post about last evening’s family dinner at a Bangkok Japanese restaurant. We are having a long weekend of 4 days here in Thailand for “Asalha Puja” or the Buddhist Lent. We went to one of our favorite Japanese restaurant.

family dinner

My parents in law.

family dinner

My favorite dish.

family dinner

Salmon fish, another of my favorite dish.

family dinner

Sushi, my wife’s favorite!

Family Dinner for Asalha Puja Holiday:

We had our special family dinner for this special Buddhist holiday. But what is Asalha Puja? I found an excellent blog post, I’d like to share with you.

Asalha Puja, or the celebration of the First Sermon of Buddha, is one of the most important religious celebrations in Thailand, a country steeped in Theravada Buddhism.

To formally start the commemoration of the teachings of Buddha, the monks and Buddhist ascetics retreat from peripatetic lifestyle in a tradition called the beginning of Vassa or the start of the Buddhist rains retreat.

From a Christian perspective, this retreat is equivalent to Lent.

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Source: THA Holiday

I hope you enjoyed this post about our family dinner on the occasion of Asalha Puja.

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