Fear of Criticism Works Against Success In Life


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Have you found yourself not fulfilling your potential because of the fear of criticism? Are you a person that is just not taking action because you are afraid of what other people will think or say? As long as what you want to do does not infringe the rights of others there is nothing to fear, especially when you legitimately want success in life.

Fear of criticism

success in lifeThere are always people who like to criticize others, this may be at work or in your neighborhood. Whatever you do they will always criticize because that is the only thing they can do. They will criticize you and everyone they know. So, why being affected by them? Why not doing what you really want to do regardless of what they may say?

Many people who have had success in life like businessmen or artists didn’t have that much support when they started. They had a dream and they didn’t hesitate to take action to achieve their goal and realize their dream despite criticism. They have become what they are today because they suppressed their fear of criticism.

Many famous writers had their articles rejected for publication when they started. They had their scripts rejected by several publishing companies before they had their first success in life. Maybe they were not that good when they started, but with persistence, practice and no fear of criticism they have succeeded.

Even when being very successful and recognized as “Best Seller” authors they are still facing criticism. Obviously they can’t please everyone and that is the same for you. People who have the fear of criticism are usually broke, haven’t you noticed? So, if you do not want to stay broke, you have to stop your fear of criticism.

This is the same thing for artists like painters or actors. Those who do not fear criticism continue their journey on the path of success in life. These exceptional people always face criticism on a daily basis and this is part of being a public figure. We can be inspired by them and follow their example.

Success in life is not for you!

Unfortunately criticism comes from the people who are close to you, people who love you: parents, children, siblings and best friends. They try to protect you in wanting you to stay in the norm and avoid you the disappointment that will follow if you dare pursuing your dream… They are putting their own fears onto you.

When I was a teenager I wanted to work in the movie industry. As it was something quite extraordinary especially for someone living in the province of France, I got many critics voicing their advice, which was forget it! I continued making short films in 16 mm and then in 35 mm until the day I passed the exam to study in “Louis Lumiere” the famous French film-making school.

Pursuing this dream and not listening to all the criticism gave me many years of enjoyment working in the field as director of photography, lighting director or director for documentaries. I have retired now for some reasons pursuing other passions…

Even today I do not fear criticism and I do the things I want to do. I do not care of what people think or say and this is my freedom. When I have a project that is out of the norm, I just join a group of people that will support me and give constructive criticism that will help me achieve my goals.

Whatever you do, good or bad, there will always be people to criticize you. Don’t let anyone steal your dream to get success in life!

Michel Gerard

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