Five Daily Time Management Tips


Time management tips for your business:

Time Management Tips

Busy entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to manage their time effectively. There are only 24 hours in a day and so many tasks to complete each day in a business…

Time management tips are always welcome.

The first remark I would make is that time cannot be managed as there will always be 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. What can be managed are activities in a specific time frame by one individual. If you have too many activities, it may be time to seek help and hire someone.

These are my 5 daily time management tips:

1. In a notebook I write all the things I have to do for each of my projects. When I have an idea for something that needs to be done, it is written in this notebook. All these notes are then used to do my daily list of tasks.

2. In the evening, just before I watch my favorite DVD series, I write a list of tasks that I will have to complete the next day. I write several entries that will fit in my busy schedule and order them by order of importance. I do not list too many tasks per day as this can be discouraging.

3. I have regular daily tasks that I do in priority everyday without fail:
– I listen to a 45 minutes (minimum) audio about self-development.
– I read for 30 minutes a book about self-development.
– I write a blog post
– I promote the blog post

4. I go through my list of tasks and complete them one by one. I do not start the next task until the first one is completed. If for some reasons, I am not in the mood to do a task or I can’t do it, I then start a task that I can do. It’s better to skip a task than spending hours trying it with no results.

5. I mark each task as done when they are completed and if I still have undone tasks I put them in the list for the next day.

I hope that this post on time management tips will help you to better manage your daily activities.

Let me know what you think, comment below.

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