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Get Paid for Blogging:

Today, I came across a question in Yahoo answers: Get paid for blogging?
“Is it true that you could get paid for simply blogging? How do you start blogging?”.


The question already had 5 answers posted and if I translate in a few lines what the authors said, it was:

1. Don’t believe the hype! It’s not as easy as you think to get paid for blogging…

2. Lot’s of time, domain/hosting training, and money went into my blog and I only ended up with like 100 subscribers…

3. In general the great majority of people who try to make money on the internet fail…

4. Get a job!

5. No

Obviously, the 5 persons answering the Yahoo question haven’t had any success themselves on the Internet and don’t know about the Empower Network’s blogging system!

The 3 first answers are quite long and from people who have tried but not very positive as they do not offer a solution to blogging, rather different possibilities. And the two last are certainly by frustrated morons that will keep their job and stay broke for the rest of their lives.

This was my answer:


You don’t get paid for blogging.

You create original content on your blog that will overtime bring more and more traffic. The more traffic you have, the more sales you may have.

As the other persons said it is quite hard, but for people who commit to blog everyday and know how to optimize each blog post for one keyword (which is not difficult by the way), monetizing is possible. The key to success here is to also do some keyword research for each post.

You need to blog on a platform that will give you authority and rank your posts higher in search engines. I use this platform:

I hope this helps.

At the time of this writing I still don’t know if I will get the best answer gratification for the “Get Paid for Blogging question”. What do you think?

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