House Remodeling: New Kitchen and Bathroom


House Remodeling:

On the 21st January 2013, construction workers arrived home for a house remodeling. Two months later, after working nearly non stop, they are finishing the construction of a new bathroom and kitchen at the back of our house. It was supposed to last only a month, which was a bit under estimated.

Now that they are doing the paint, I feel relieved that this will not last more than a couple of days… The work progressed slowly, but the result is quite nice. I can’t wait jumping on my long dreamed bathtub, while my wife can’t wait enjoying her kitchen preparing me succulent dishes (I hope!).

For almost 2 months we were constantly reviewing the work and giving the contractor our instructions. We also took several trips to buy the necessary materials like tiles, kitchen doors, bathroom accessories, etc… This will certainly free-up some of our time now. The total cost was around $10,000 for a house in Bangkok, Thailand.

House Remodeling

View a few photos below of our house remodeling.


House remodeling House remodeling


House remodeling

House remodeling

I will write a blog post with more photos when all the house remodeling is completed.

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