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Apple Bangkok repair shop found:

In a previous post I wrote about how I was disappointed by the Apple Bangkok service center not to be willing to assist customers having their older macs repaired. Well, I have good news. I found a shop specialized in repairing Mac computers. And they repair older Macs too!

I spent an hour and a half in Bangkok awful traffic to reach the Apple Bangkok repair shop, but I am very glad to have found them. There, a young lady tested my computer and concluded that the display had to be replaced. There is no new MacBook display provided by Apple for my 5 years old model, but they are going to get a second-hand one for me.

They are going to keep the machine for ten days and I am confident they will do a good job in extending the life of my MacBook. They also mentioned that the cost should be around 4,000 Thb, which is great if I can use the computer one more year. They had a huge amount of iMac that were being repaired and it seems they receive some machines by post from the Thai provinces.

Apple Bangkok Repair Shop

Apple Bangkok

For those who are looking to have their Mac repaired in Bangkok, below are the details of this Apple Bangkok repair shop:

Address: 64/12 Soi Rachadapisek 32, Chandrakasem, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900.
Website: www.mac2hand.com
Phone: 087-072-2244

I hope this information will help Mac owners in Bangkok to have their machines repaired by thisApple Bangkok repair shop.

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