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Mobile Ready:

Is Your Business Mobile Ready? Do you have a mobile website for your business? A website that was constructed for the web is unfortunately not optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as the iPhone.

If you have a website for your company, try to view it on a smart phone. The website may display properly, provided that you do not have Flash on the page, but everything will be squeezed to fit the small screen of the phone. The user has then to use his fingers to zoom in and read the text that usually appears too small, scroll up-down and left-right to view all content. Text links and buttons are most of the time too small to be clicked with the thumb or index.

The solution is to create a simplified and optimized version of the site. Only the main information is kept on a limited number of pages. It is important to have a contact page with a Google map showing where you are located, and big “Call Now” buttons, so you can be reached by phone. This works particularly well with local businesses that want to be mobile ready.

The mobile website can be hosted in a sub domain like or even better, a mobile domain This last solution will be the best if you want the mobile site to rank higher in mobile searches. A code placed in your website will redirect to the mobile site when a visitor comes from a mobile device. Are you mobile ready?

Check out this site:

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

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Mobile Site:

Mobile Ready

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