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Do you know anyone who is happy to go to the dentist office? Seems that the only person happy is the dentist himself… Thursday evening I broke half of a tooth and unfortunately I had to pay my good friend the dentist a visit today. I live in Thailand and hopefully there are lots of good Bangkok dental clinics.

Bangkok Dental Clinics

I usually go to LDC Dental.

If you live in Thailand or are just visiting and need a tooth job done, you can go without fear to one of the numerous LDC branches in Bangkok. They are not specialized in treating foreigners, but they have all modern equipment and very competent dentists at a reasonable price. LDC Bangkok dental clinics prices are a bit more expensive than ordinary Thai clinics but most of the time the dentist speaks English.

I had my teeth checked and I have to see another specialist dentist on Thursday to have a tooth crown made. I just had an X-ray of the tooth and a mouth cleaning today.

If you are a foreigner in vacation in Thailand without dental insurance, it can be a good idea to have your teeth done during your stay if you need to. You will be surprised to see that the cost is much less expensive than in your country of origin. In addition to my own experience, I have friends who told me that they have received better dental care here in Thailand than in their own country.

There are Bangkok dental clinics in the Sukhumvit area that are more specialized in dental care for foreigners, but they are much more expensive and will try to sell you their special promotion on teeth whitening or other teeth cosmetic jobs. If you are more comfortable to go to bigger clinics, these might be for you, they all do a great job.

If what you need is a more serious tooth job like a wisdom tooth extraction, I would advise you to go to a private hospital in the case complications may arise. I personally had two wisdom teeth extracted in two different private hospitals in Bangkok and even if they were not enjoyable moments, they did a good job. And if I remember correctly the cost was less than $150. I recommend the Bangkok dental center in Saint Louis Hospital.

I hope this article and the recommendations will be useful to you if you are looking for Bangkok dental clinics.

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