Modern SEO – 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid


Evolution to Modern SEO:

SEO has evolved a great deal since I started 10 years ago. Today, with the last Google’s Penguin update, old SEO is obsolete. In some ways, the new Google algorithm makes more sense and some other ways it doesn’t. As this change happened recently, there are still on the internet outdated SEO information that unfortunately webmasters follow.

Modern SEOYou have worked hard to build your website or blog and you are ready to enter the world of modern SEO for free traffic. Do it right and you will be rewarded with tons of steady passive traffic from organic searches, do it wrong and you will be penalized and slapped by Google.

The problem is that there is right now lots of confusion on what is right or wrong in this modern SEO world. It seems that the highlight of modern SEO is that back-linking has become more challenging and more Social Media participation is necessary. This make it very difficult for a little business owner to be present on all fronts unless working on the computer 24 hours a day.

Big corporations have more money and manpower to fit Google’s requirements for modern SEO and can hire SEO specialists, Social Media managers, Writers, etc… This will give them an advantage in the search results even though your simple page might be more relevant and of more quality for the user’s search. Just because your page did not received Likes, Google +s and a bunch of other votes with funny names, does not mean it is less valuable.

Mistakes to Avoid in Modern SEO

This being said, here are 6 SEO mistakes you must avoid to stay on the safe side and survive in the search engines.

modern SEO

1) Overuse of keywords

I can’t stress the importance of this one enough. Having a key word density too hight sprinkled throughout your website can lead to your website coming off as “spammy” by Google and you will be punished.

2) Link farming

Getting a bunch of low quality back-links from other sites only shows that your site is of low quality. Always strive to get high quality back links from authority sites.

3) SEO Softwares

These are the banes of SEO. Google does not approve of any dodgy software that claims to boost SEO, in getting you a bunch of back-links or writing spun articles for you.

4) Black-hat SEO techniques

These stuff have been coined in the early internet marketing days. Back then they were useful, now they have been shunned by Google and anyone caught using this method will be severely punished and be banned from being found on the search engines.

5) No social interactions.

The world is interconnected now, and the all-powerful Google recognizes this in modern SEO by rewarding people who include social interactions into the mix. You like it or not you NEED to get people to connect with you via blog commenting, social sharing and other stuff.

6) Too little content

Typically, you need at least 100 blog posts before your website get some traction from Google. If you lack the content, it’s time to work on it. This is why corporate websites with few pages add blogs to develop more content.

I hope you have found this post about modern SEO useful and I invite you to read my other SEO posts.

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