My WordPress Blog has been hacked!


I had the surprise two days ago to see that one of my WordPress blog has been hacked. Hopefully it was not an important blog and no harm was made to my business, but it shows what can happen when your WP installation is a bit old or when you use low quality themes and plugins.

Basically I got an email in the morning from my hosting company saying:

There is an administrative issue with your account that requires an immediate response. In order to maintain the ongoing integrity of your hosting service, please log into the Customer Portal and reply to ticket ECB-106602-48978.

When this happens you can fear the worst…

After reviewing the ticket in the client support system I realised that one particularly blog was at fault. Hopefully the hosting company is excellent and they took the necessary steps to disable the account. It was my turn to take the steps to fix the WP problem, which I did.


This is one of the reason I am happy to blog on this Blog. I do not have to worry about updating, maintening and fixing problems.

I just blog!

If you want to do like me, get yours here.

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