Prioritizing to Improve your Time Management Skills


Time Management Skills – Prioritizing:

There are many important things in life that compete to get your attention. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for one single person in a day, month, year, or life time to have them all completed. Things in life have to be prioritized in order not to be overwhelmed or burned out and have only the important things done. Prioritizing is an important aspect of your time management skills

Time Management Skills

Determining what your basic priorities are is the first step to use your time more efficiently.

Deciding what is significant in your life and the different areas you want success in life will help you have your priorities set.

What activities and roles give your life meaning?

On a daily basis, time management skills are important and you have to learn to set task priorities. Prioritizing tasks includes two steps:

– Recognizing what needs to be done

– Deciding on the order in which the tasks will be done

For the most part, determining what task needs to be done relates to your core priorities in life. To be efficient, you have to exclude tasks that do no serve your purpose, even if they can look interesting at first. Some other tasks may need too much work and you have to see if they are really necessary.

Also, many tasks may not need to be done at all or could be done less frequently and prioritizing tasks means working on the most significant tasks first even if doing the secondary tasks is more attractive. Prioritizing is one of the time management skills you must acquire.

Time Management Skills – Sense of time & Goals

Do you know how many tasks you can do in a day? In order to answer this question you need to have a good sense of time and the skill to estimate how long each task takes to be completed. A good sense of time will help you to be more realistic in planning your activities and avoid the frustration of never having enough time to finish them all.

Good time management skills mean the ability to plan a day in a way to make the maximum of it. A solution is to simply schedule your tasks for each day of the week from morning to evening. This will help you to accomplish more with less time wasted and less frustration.

If you want to prioritize things in your life you have to set goals. Only clear short or long term goals written on paper will help you to prioritize your daily tasks. Goals are just wishes until they are written down. They should be specific and realistic or you will continually be frustrated by a sensation of failure.

I hope that this article will help you improve your time management skills.

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