Promote your Blog Posts to Targeted FaceBook Groups

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Do you know that there is a simple way you can promote your blog posts to an audience that will love what you write whatever the topic?

The secret  is to promote to the correct audience… if you have an article about sport cars, you are not going to promote the posts to women, are you?

But, where can you find the perfect audience for your post? The answer… FaceBook groups.

Promote your posts in FaceBook groups

Wait a minute, I can hear you scream, I have been promoting all my blogs posts in several groups. This is nothing new!

You probably did, but was your FaceBook group audience targeted to your blog post? Maybe targeted to your blog topic at best.

Let’s say you are in Internet Marketing, you certainly have a hundred groups you already promote to.

What if your blog post is about “Twitter”, do you think they will be all interested by your post?

This would certainly be a better option to promote the post in FaceBook groups dedicated toTwitter. You surely will have a more targeted audience, more people reading your post and clicking through to your blog post.


Video included.

Have a nice day!

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