Promote Yourself by Wallace D. Wattles


I just finished reading Promote Yourself by Wallace D. Wattles the author of “The Science of Getting Rich”. This was a really good and fast read because the book is only 30 pages. Even if the book was written in 1914, with some old language, the concepts expressed are still true today. If you want to improve your life and your business, you need to read this book.

Here is a Free download.

Quotes from Promote Yourself by Wallace D. Wattles:

“To become the man who can, the first step is to take the attitude of self-direction.”

“SUCCESS is a progressive evolution of the faculties of the successful man.”

“There is no such thing as lack of opportunities for the man who is living the advancing life, and who has an advancing mind.”

“In living the new life the first essential is to abandon the idea of competition and of a limited supply.”

“Nobody is poor, or having a hard struggle but (a) the ignorant, (b) the lazy, and (c) the incompetent.”

Enjoy your read!

Michel Gerard

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