Reached Top Ten Leader Board in Empire Avenue


Michel Gerard is #8 in the Empire Avenue Top Ten:

After two weeks being in Empire Avenue I have reached the top ten leader board for my country. I have been very active every day lately to complete missions and buy shares so I can run my own missions.

Empire Avenue

As you can see in the image above I am listed #8 and looking forward to the top position. I was able to reach that level certainly by participating actively, but also by having people investing in me. I do not know where I am worlwide, but it doesn’t matter. I can’t beat in 2 weeks people who have been in Empire Avenue for 2 years. Let’s celebrate small achievements first.

What I most like in Empire Avenue is that it motivates me to do Social Media. I haven’t been really good at it previously and found it very boring. I even hired a contractor in once to work on a Fan page and the only thing she succeeded to do apart from getting me many “likes” was to have my “Like” button disable by FaceBook for a month.

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Empire Avenue is Fun!

Now, with Empire Avenue, I enjoy Social Media and interacting with people. I work on it every evening as it does not require too much brain power and it is quite entertaining visiting these blogs, FB pages and watch these Youtube videos… I take it as it is: “a game!” Be aware that it is quite addictive. I was warned and I understand why now!

If you are looking forward doing Social Media promotion for your business, you must definitely look at Empire Avenue. I am promoting a new fan page for my business and Empire Avenue helped me to get Likes, likes on posts and shares. My reach has grown quickly just in a week.

The page is:

Please like it!

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Empire Avenue changed my Social Media autism into being a Hyper Active Social Media Mogul…

Michel Gerard

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