Should You Create a FaceBook Group?


A FaceBook group is a way for FaceBook users to get together in one place around a specific interest where everyone can interact. A FaceBook group can be for business or non-business related matters.

Let’s talk today about non-business related groups.

You may want for example create a FaceBook group for your family so everyone can exchange thoughts, pictures and videos in one place. Long distance relatives can this way be updated on the family’s affairs.

Other non-business uses can be for groups of friends, classmates, clubs, charities, churches, schools, etc… A FaceBook group can very easily get everyone informed on the latest news.

Should You Create a FaceBook Group?

Definitely… YES!

If you are a group of people who want to get in touch, this might be the solution you are looking for. No need to call a dozen of people for the next meeting, just post an announcement in the FaceBook group. No phone bills!

Registering for a FaceBook group is easy. You first need to have a personal account with FaceBook to create one. Then, just go on your “Home” and locate in the left menu, under “Groups”, the link“Create Group”.

A pop-up shows asking for the name you want for the group. You have then to add at least one friend. Next, you have to decide if you want the group “Open”, “Closed” or “Secret”.

  • Select “Open” if you want everyone to be able to find and read what is in your group.
  • Select “Closed” if you want people to be able to search for the group, but not able to read posts without being a member.
  • Select “Secret” if you want the group to be secret. No one can search the group and see what’s in it.

Another pop-up shows asking you to select a small icon that will display at the left of the name in the menu… and you are nearly done.

You just have now to add a description, a header and invite a few friends… and let the fun begin!

As you can see, this is very simple to create a FaceBook group…


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