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Building Back-links is for the Bad Guys

In this video, the head of the web spam team at Google, Matt Cutts, says that building back-links is for the bad guys. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is always evolving and it is very hard nowadays to find SEOs who know what they are doing. In the video, the question is from a small Read More →

5 SEO Mistakes you Must Avoid

In my opinion, there are 5 major SEO mistakes that you must avoid at all cost if you want your website or blog to rank high in search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the Science of optimizing your site in different ways on-page and off-page so you get placed at the top of Read More →

Can Guest Blogging Still Help You Get Ranked?

Guest blogging is now the talk of the town since Matt Cutts said in a video and on his blog thatGuest blogging has been abused and that the Webspam team at Google will look into this. Matt Cutts: “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, Read More →

How Google Search Results are Ranked?

If you want to have your website or blog rank well, it is necessary to read information or watch videos from the people who are making the rules. Matt Cutts is the head at Google’s Webspamdepartment and answer people’s questions on video. How Does Google Rank Search Results? Today, Matt is asked how Google rank Read More →

Does Article Marketing Still Work?

In this video Matt Cutts, head of the Webspam team at Google, answers a question about article marketing. Article marketing used to be a great method to build back-links to your site, but as more and more low quality articles have spread on the Internet for many years, the method is now doubtful. Does article marketing Read More →