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Shocking UFO Documentary ~ New Paradigm

I watched an interesting UFO documentary on Youtube yesterady evening titled “New Paradigm – Disclosure Shocking UFO Documentary 2012”. The documentary is mainly made of interviews of very trustful people like scientists, high ranking military and NASA employees. We have been visited by aliens and governements around the world are covering this up. Witnesses of Read More →

Is this UFO Video a Hoax or Genuine?

If you like UFO and little alien men stories, you are going to like this video. Is it authentic or is it a hoax? I let you watch it and decide by yourself. Imagine having at night a space ship crash in your backyard… and then the little men with long arms entering your house Read More →

Forbidden Archeology Documentary

This documentary will challenge what you have learned about the origin and evolution of Man. It appears that lots of very ancient artifacts have been discovered and quietly disregarded by archeologists not to upset history as we know it today. Man is more ancient than what we believe. Must Watch! Source UFOTVstudios The creators of the Read More →

Alien Mysteries – UFO incident

Entertainment today with a very interesting documentary about a UFO crash that occurred in 1965 in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, USA. In this case you can see that everything has been done by the army and official of the time to secure the place and discount witnesses’ testimonies. Kecksburg UFO incident The Kecksburg UFO incident occurred on December 9, 1965, Read More →

Amazing Costa Rica Attractions

Costa Rica Attractions: I just came across a video on Youtube showing one of the most amazing Costa Rica attractions. 300 giant stone spheres were discovered and nobody knows where they come from, how they were made. The mysterious spheres of different sizes are everywhere, the jungle, the beach, in parks and museums.. Published on Read More →