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You are Born to Win!

In this video Tom Ziglar explains his father’s philosophy. “You are Born to Win. But in order to be the winner you were born to be, you must Plan to win, Prepare to win, and then and only then can you Expect to win.” ~ Zig Ziglar They are 8 things that people want in Read More →

We Have Been Programmed for Failure

Your present thinking is what gives you what you have right now. The relationship you are in, the job that you have and the state of your bank account are the direct results of the person you are today. Your are not totally responsible though because you have been programmed for failure. photo credit: StockMonkeys.com via Read More →

The Scole Experiments – Afterlife Investigations

This documentary is a compilation of afterlife experiments made by the Scole Experiments group over a period of 5 years and investigated by an independent team of scientists. If you are a believer of the paranormal you will love this film and if you are not, these experiments may finally convince you there is life Read More →

Do you believe in demons and angry spirits?

Do you believe in paranormal activity, demons and angry spirits? This documentary will freak you out… The two stories, one of a demon possessing a young woman and then the exorcist herself; and the other the spirit of a hard catholic mother not approving of her daughter’s being gay… Enjoy!

Go Ghost Hunting With Us?

Real Paranormal Videos – Ghost Hunting: I just came across the Youtube channel of a guy who calls himself the “Dead Explorer”. It triggered my curiosity and interest and as I watched a couple of videos I can’t resist sharing them with you. On all episodes in the channel a group of paranormal investigators go Read More →