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What’s Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

What's Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

Would you like to know what’s best, Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams because this might be useful for you to decide in which direction you will go in your marketing online? What’s Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams? If you are wondering which one, closed webinars or open live streams, is the best Read More →

All my Seven Chakras are Now Opened!

Do you believe that you have seven energy centers in your body? Each of these centers have specific functions and having them closed don’t let the universal source of energy flow through your body. This can result in not feeling well in your life, but also becoming sick. This video for children explains very well Read More →

The Importance of Staying Positive!

The video I would like to share with you today is about the importance of staying positive. What you believe determines what you make true. If you have been told when a child that you will never be wealthy because you are from a poor family, or that you can’t become a doctor, a lawyer Read More →

The Internet Marketing Study Club is Live

The “Internet Marketing Study Club” or “IM Study Club” is now live and you can register forFREE! This membership site has been a project of mine I put on hold two years ago when I decided to start blogging seriously instead. Now, with more than 600 posts on my three blogs, I though it was Read More →

The Power of Subconscious Mind Explained

In this video Gregg Braden explains how thoughts, feelings and emotions can make your physical reality and even heal your body. I like what is explained in this video and if you believe that our mind can do much more than what we used it to do at the moment, watch this video. Published on Read More →