Tsū ~ The Newest Free Social Media Site

Tsū is the newest Free Social Media site. It looks like FaceBook, but it’s not FaceBook. You can post text, images or links… make friends and follow users. The difference is that Tsū shares up to 90% of revenues with its users.  It is Free to join, but you have to be invited to become a member.

Tsū ~ A Very Active Community

This is how a profile looks like. See my Profile.


In 48 hours I got 69 Friends and 51 followers just by sending  some Friend requests and following others. The community on Tsū (pronounced ‘Sue’) is very active, I haven’t seen that on FaceBook.

Tsū Founder Sebastian Sobczak ~ Fox Business Interview

This is what they say from their FAQ Page:

Tsū  is an invite-only community, as a reader of this blog this is yours:

Tsū invitation

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