Tyre blows up on the Bangkok Express Way


Bangkok Express Way:

As I was going to my office early this morning at 6:15 a.m. I blew a tyre up on the Bangkok Express Way near Lad Phrao.

It all started when I felt my old Mercedes Benz 230E going a bit bumpy driving at 80 kilometers per hour on the central lane. Having blown a tyre before, I decided to pull over in the emergency lane in order to see what was going on… After checking all four tyre, I could not find anything abnormal.

I then got back and drove by over 2 kilometers before the right rear tyre blew up. The car went quite bumpy this time and it gave me the impression to slide on snow for a couple of seconds, which in Thailand, is weird. I managed to stop safely just next to an emergency telephone.

I made the call and I was told that their emergency truck was sent my way. They arrived 40 minutes later… having picked up another car on the way with to guys waiting inside. As the emergency mechanic was checking my spare tyre, we noticed that it was nearly flat.

Gosh! I have just had the oil changed in a garage 3 days ago and asked them to check the pressure of all tyres… Obviously the one in the trunk of the car wasn’t checked!!! Grrr…
I will be more careful next time.

We decided to fix the wheel and drive at a low speed to the Express Way center some 2 kilometers away to have it pumped up. It was about 7:15 and traffic was getting worse. The slow journey took 20 minutes, and after waiting another 20 minutes I was able to leave.

What a good way to start a day?

Bangkok Express Way

Bangkok Express Way

Bangkok Express Way Emergency Guidelines: CLICK HERE

Bangkok Express Way Phone number 02-664-6400 or 1543

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