What are Gold Positions in UVioO?

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There are in total 36 Gold Positions divided in 4 Gold Maps in UVioO. When you purchase them you become an investor and enjoy returns when advertisement is sold.

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Let’s look at the UVioO Gold Maps

Gold Map 1

Gold Map 2

Gold Map 3

Gold Map 4

This is how they explain it on their site:

You can acquire 36 Gold Positions! A bit like in the Monopoly game, the more land you own on the MAP the more money you make afterward. On UVioO you can acquire advertising land. We call them Gold Positions. Once they are yours, you make money each and every time we sell ad space to advertisers on any one of those Positions you own.

If you look at UVioO Gold Position 1, which is an investment in ad space of $9, when you own this position, after the 9th transaction made by UVioO selling ad space, you get paid $1 for all other transactions.

When you acquire “Gold 2″ for $8, after the 8th transaction you are paid back $1… and so on. The last position “Gold 9″ which is 1/1 costs only $1 and the return is $1 each time UVioO sells this ad space.




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