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Capture Page:

All very successful Internet marketers agree. What you really need to make money online is acapture page, a sale page and an auto-responder. Chris Farrell at Chris Farrell Membership built his web business this way and teaches is members how to use a single webpage to make money online.

David Sharpe from the Empower Network explained in one of his numerous weekly calls that it is how he got started. These two very successful Internet marketers both started from scratch with a capture page that was less than perfect, but they took action, built their lists and saw results very fast.

Capture Page

Capture Page

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A capture page is also called a squeeze page. These pages all have a catchy headline, a sub-headline and a few bullet points as content. They also have the image of the free gift, or lead magnet, that is offered to the visitor in exchange of their name and email. This free gift is usually a valuable report, ebook, audi or video. And most importantly, the capture page has an opt-in form, with one or two fields, which are generally the “First Name” and “Email”.

Nowadays, lots of forms just have the “Email” field, which is what the marketer needs in order to contact the Lead. A capture page usually do not rank well on search engines because it lacks sufficient content. Traffic is sent to it via Free or paid advertising. After someone has filled the form and clicked the submit button, all details are saved in a database connected to an auto-responder.

An auto-responder is a piece of online software that enables you to send email messages automatically at pre-determined time to people who have earlier opted-in on your capture page. These people or “Leads” that are now in your list, have given you permission to email them the information they have requested.

The first email always contains links to a download page if the free gift is a report or ebook, or a specific page to listen to the audio or view a video. Also, when the person has just clicked the “Submit” button, the capture page usually redirects to a sale page. This is all managed by the auto-responder software and there are different ways to set this up.

The sale page is as the name says, a page to sale something. The sale page is also called a sale letter, it can be short, but is usually very very looooooooong. You might have seen many of them. Writing sale letters is a skill and not everyone is able to write good and effective copy.

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