Masters in Online Business Administration

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Masters in Online Business Administration is Jerry Banfield’s new Facebook group. I am a proud founding member of the group and I’d like to explain how you can benefit from joining.

First of all, if you don’t know who Jerry Banfield is, visit his website, YouTube Channel with more than 122K subscribers and Facebook page with more than 2.2 Million likes. Jerry Banfield has more than 30 online courses, several books and audio books and a daily podcast.

I first met Jerry Banfield as a student in several of his online courses (late 2015), he offered me to be a teaching assistant, then a co-instructor on 5 of his courses (2016). Since then, I have become his partner and we have completed many projects together.

Let’s talk about the group now!

Masters in Online Business Administration

The purpose of the group is to have a community of online entrepreneurs who want to learn and grow together. Joining the group means that you can learn from Jerry Banfield’s experience and others in the group who own online businesses, local businesses, eCommerce businesses, or work freelance online. You can ask questions directly to Jerry Banfield and get a response, you can share your experience, your issues and your victories.

This group is for people who are serious about their online business and there is a $25 monthly fee to be a member. When the group was launched, the fee was $97 (as you can see in the video), but it is now and will stay at $25/month with many rewards.


As a member of the group, you get:

  • All of Jerry Banfield’s paid online courses free immediately after joining.
  • Ask questions to Jerry Banfield and benefit from his experience.
  • Ask questions to other members and myself.
  • Get a share in Jerry Banfield’s advertising budget.

Joining the group is worth the $25 fee and as people like to say, “it’s a no brainer!”

Getting all the courses and access to Jerry Banfield is already worth the monthly investment, and if you want to participate and promote the group, Jerry’s Youtube channel, website, Facebook page, you may end earning more than spending in joining the group.

This was the first advertising budget for January 2017 and it has been shared among members. I got my share this month and if you want to participate, you will too.

Masters in Online Business Administration

Now, if you want more information from Jerry Banfield himself watch the two videos in the next two sections.

Would You Join Jerry Banfield’s New Facebook Group: Masters in Online Business Administration?

Streamed live on Nov 27, 2016

Watch this YouTube video recorded live to learn about Jerry Banfield’s new Facebook group named Masters in Online Business Administration at

See in this video the value I hope to provide for all members of this Facebook group! If you are hoping to start a business online, reach the next level in your full time online freelancing work, chance your startup into a self sustaining business, learn Facebook marketing, make better ads online, improve your Google AdWords skill, sell more courses online including with Udemy, and get more subscribers on YouTube, I think you will love this group.

Join at by selecting the Facebook group member reward which is now $25 a month or clicking on become a patron and editing your reward to the Facebook group member. Finish payment and then apply to join the group on Facebook after you see the success page!

Get Jerry Banfield’s $1,000 A Month Ad Budget Paid to You!

Starting January 2017 you can get a share of Jerry Banfield’s advertising budget. If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account you can get started. Make an offer to Jerry Banfield in the group explaining what you are planning to do and the amount you request.
Streamed live on Dec 20, 2016

How would you feel if I paid my online advertising budget directly to you instead of to Google or Facebook?

Members of my Facebook group at will have direct access to my $1,000 a month advertising budget starting in January 2017. I hope by the end of the year to have paid you collectively over $100,000! Watch this video to learn how you can participate! With my Facebook group being called “Masters of Online Business Administration” I am hoping that each member has a chance to do learning and networking that are helpful for growing businesses online. What better way to grow your business than to get paid to do it?

I will be delighted to welcome you in the Masters in Online Business Administration Facebook group. When you are approved, make your first post to introduce yourself, mention you came from this page and you will get my special attention.

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