The Complete Ethical Hacker Master Course


The Complete Ethical Hacker Master Course

Get 14 important ethical hacking and cyber security topics covered in this master course to be fully prepared for your ethical hacker certification exam.

The Complete Ethical Hacker Master Course

What is ethical hacking?

Ethical Hacking is also called  “Penetration Testing,” which is intruding into computer systems or networks to discover threats and vulnerabilities in order to protect them against malicious attacks.

Whether or not you want to become a certified ethical hacker, this 54 hours and 49 minutes master course will teach you all you need to know to become a cyber security expert. This is the most comprehensive course in our catalogue of ethical hacking courses.

In this master course you will learn:

  • Introduction to vulnerability analysis
  • Cryptography for cyber security and hacking
  • Denial of Service DOS & Distributed Denial of Service DDOS attacks
  • Evading IDS, firewalls, and honeypots
  • Hacking with malware threats, sniffing, and social engineering
  • Internet of Things hacking
  • Hacking with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones
  • Cloud computing security and hacking
  • Hacking web applications
  • Session hijacking
  • SQL & SQL injection basics using Kali Linux
  • System hacking
  • Web server hacking cyber security
  • Wireless network hacking

Producer: Jerry Banfield
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Duration: 54 hours and 49 minutes

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