10th Anniversary Phuket International Soccer 7s


Today, I would like to talk about the Phuket International Soccer 7s tournament, which is run by my company, Reperages Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd and Leisure Events from Australia.

The tournament started 10 years ago in 2003 with only ten teams, 2 foreign and the rest local, and was played in a vacant lot between 2 buildings in Patong, Thailand. At the time, we were not sure if the tournament would take off, but we realized that each year more teams were joining to the point that we had to add more tournaments.

Phuket International Soccer 7s 10th Anniversary

The tournament is now in excess of 100 teams per year from 25 different countries and playing at a world class sports & leisure facility at Thanyapura.

If you are interested to join the Soccer 7s tournament in the future, visit the site: www.Thai7s.com

The Thai 7s Tournaments Blog is now online at www.Thai7s.com/blog

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