5 Components to Succeed in your Online Business Opportunities


Online Business Opportunities – What you need!

There are five important components you absolutely need to have in order to succeed in youronline business opportunities. I assume that you already have a product or service that sells well to promote. It can be your own product or an affiliate product.

 The 5 components are:

1. a blog
2. a squeeze page
3. an auto-responder
4. a FaceBook page
5. traffic

Online Business Opportunities – 5 Components for Success

1. You need a blog

A blog is the backbone of your Internet business. It is the place where your prospects and customers can go to see who you are and what you are doing. It is also a way to acquire new leads for your online business opportunities and new customers. A blog gives you more credibility and as people learn about yourself, you will get more sales. Would you rather buy from a stranger or a friend?

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In addition, a blog ranks higher in search engines than static websites and it can bring you lots of free traffic over time. Do not use a free blog like blogger.com to brand yourself as this will not look professional and nobody wants to buy products from someone using such blogs or join your online business opportunities.

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2. You need a squeeze page

A squeeze page is a landing page that contains an opt-in form where people enter their first name and email address in order to receive information from you. This page will not rank in search engines and won’t bring you visitors that way, but it is the page you have to promote.

LIMTA squeeze
Use it for your email signature, forum signature, social media, classifieds and all free or paid advertising.

After your prospects have signed-up, you can send them back via email to your blog so they get to know you or your online business opportunities sale pages.


3. You need an auto-responder

It is not the basic Gmail auto-response you set when you are on vacations or out of the office, but a professional marketing mailer system. When someone opts-in with their email on your landing page, their information is stored in a database.

Online Business Opportunities

In the auto-responder system you can set a sequence of messages to be sent at any interval you decide. The first message is usually sent just after sign-up and contains a link to a free report, ebook, software or video. Whatever you have promised to give in exchange of the prospect’s email address.

With this email system you can also broadcast messages to all your lists. They can be about a new blog post you have just written, valuable information, free gifts or send them to your online business opportunities sale page.

The 2 main auto-responder services in the industry are Aweber and GetResponse. I have both of them, but particularly recommend GetResponse for their high deliverability rate and ability to use other languages than english (like Chinese or Japanese).

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4. You need a FaceBook page

In addition to your FaceBook profile, which is personal, and where you entertain the friends that have preferably the same interest you have in Internet marketing, you need to create FaceBook pages for your online business opportunities.

Online Business Opportunities

On this page you will post information and updates about your business. Have a separate page for each opportunity. Each blog post related to a particular opportunity can go as a post to its FaceBook page equivalent, while other general posts can go to your FaceBook wall.

Your FaceBook page can give you the social element you need for your business. It can also give you social proof for your business over time after you have collected many “Likes”.

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5. You need traffic

You may have all the 4 previous components in place, but if you do not have traffic, you have nothing. There are two kinds of traffic, free and paid.

a) How to get Free traffic:

– post an optimized post to your blog daily.
– Share the post in your main Social Media profiles.
– Use Onlywire.com to submit your blog feed automatically to +30 Networks.
– Post classified adverts
– Post in free safe lists
– Comment on forums with URL in signature
– Write guest posts.

And there are many more methods for this long term strategy that you can use to get traffic for your online business opportunities.

b) Paid traffic methods:

As you have to pay for this traffic, you absolutely need tracking to see what works and what doesn’t. You will also need to learn and master each method if you want to see results.

– Pay per click (PPC).
– Pay per view (PPV).
– Solo Ads.
– Media buys (banners).
– Paid classified ads.
– Paid safe list ads.
– and more…

Traffic is a real challenge for newbies to succeed in their online business opportunities. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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