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Free Website Traffic Methods:

free website traffic

When it comes to Internet marketing, there are two main methods to get traffic to your site. There is the paid method or the free website traffic method.

Paid traffic is great and can provide you with targeted traffic with minimal work. In the contrary, free traffic will consume your time and it will take much longer to see results.

If you do not have the budget, just starting out a web business, you may want to use free website traffic methods first.

Below are 5 free website traffic methods you can use right away to get visitors to your site:

1. Forums

This is a method that lots of marketers are using. The first thing is to identify forums that are in your niche and register. Then, you start to interact with others in posting or replying to posts. As you are allowed to have a link in your signature, people will click on it by curiosity or interest and visit your site. To obtain the results you want, you need to be a good contributor and add value to the forum.

2. FaceBook groups

Join a few FaceBook groups in your niche and contribute to the group. Do not Spam the group with your offer and links as this will not get you any results, except from being banned. If you provide value in the post and replies you give, you will be perceived as an expert and people will visit your profile to know more about you. There, have posts on your wall with links that lead to your site.

3. Youtube

Make simple videos with you explaining whatever your expertise is in your niche. You may talk about something for 5 minutes on camera, teach something of value in front of a white board, or show a screen recording of what you want to show. You can do this with a simple camera, your computer’s camera or a screen-cast software. Below the video on Youtube, add your website’s link with a short description.

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4. Blogging

This is my favorite method and I use it everyday. As you keep blogging, your posts are indexed and ranked in search engines. You will see free traffic coming to your site for your first post if you are using a blog like this one, which is perfectly set-up and optimized. This is another way to add value to the Internet community in your niche and receive free website traffic that will go exponentially over time.

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5. Classified sites

It is unbelievable the amount of traffic Craiglist.org, the most popular free classified site, has. Browse the different ads that others have posted and create your own. Post your free ad in no more than 2 cities per day. There are many other classified sites you can also use like Backpage.com, Canetads.com, Topclassifieds.com, FreeClassifiedsSites.com and many more. These are all good sites to get free website traffic.

Do not wait and start one of these methods to start receiving free website traffic now.

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