5 Reasons People Don’t Buy your Products


How to Close a Sale - 5 Reasons Clients Don't Buy

In this video sale specialist and trainer Victor Antonio explains the 5 reasons why people don’t buy your products. The acronym M.T.N.U.T. represents what people don’t have or say they don’t have not to buy your products.

What is M.T.N.U.T.?

M -- Money
T -- Time
N -- Need
U -- Urgency
T -- Trust

The no money and no time excuse is most of the time not an issue if you can show the potential customer real value in the products that you sell. If there is no evident need by the person to use the products, it is your job to create the need.

If the 3 obstacles M.T.N. have been overcome it is important to create a sense of urgency. Why the client should buy now and not in a week? If he buys later, the product may be more expensive, out of stock or he may lose in some ways.

The last important factor to win is trust. If the person you are trying to sell to is ready to buy but has no trust in you, the sale will not be made. It is important then to build an atmosphere of trust so the client is confident to buy your products.

Published on Jul 26, 2013

How to Close a Sale -- Close a Sale by Understanding 5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy. Sales motivation speaker and sales trainer Victor Antonio gives you a simple sales model to understand why clients won’t buy your product or services.

Source: Victor Antonio Youtube Channel

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