A Holiday at the Beach and Still Making Sales…


Today, I left Bangkok with my wife and daughter for a 3 day vacation in Rayong, Thailand. We are with friends for the first day and night in a resort with view on the beach. Waiting for the sea-food to be grilled, I installed my beach office and connected with a few people on FaceBook. I did not intended to work hard…

Enjoyed the sea-food and a long swim with my daughter, Christina, who didn’t want to leave the water once in it… Came back to the computer and continued some work with my low 3G connection.

Later on in the evening I got 2 sales in the Internet Lifestyle Network.

“Cha-Ching! – Congrats! You have just referred a new Apprentice!” say the two notification emails…

I have just increased my residual income… while on holiday!

Do the same, join my team.

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