A Sunday morning at the Lumpini Park in Bangkok


Lumpini Park – Bangkok:

This morning we had an appointment at the BNH Hospital in Soi Convent for an immunization shot for Christina. She just turned 3 years old and it was time for a visit and her shot. The next one will hopefully be in one year. Being in the area, we took on the opportunity to have a walk in theLumpini Park.

Lumpini Park

The Lumpini Park is a beautiful park right in the center of the city where you can enjoy the greenery, the lake and fresh air. Many people run and ride bicycles, exercise or practice Qigong. As it is a long week-end, many people left Bangkok for the province and the Lumpini Park is quiet and not crowded. After a short walk, we rented a swan pedal-boat and enjoyed the quietness of the lake. This was Christina’s first boat trip…

Lumpini Park – Photos:

Lumpini Park
The family enjoying a 30 minute ride on the lake.

Lumpini Park
Christina and her daddy in front of the lake.

Lumpini Park
Christina and her daddy in the park.

If you visit Bangkok, go to to the Lumpini Park.

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