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Social Media Marketing:

I have been using SocialADr for about a year in my Internet Marketing business and I really like thisSocial Media Marketing service.

There are different Social Media Marketing services on the Internet that I tried and used, but SocialAdr beats them all in my opinion. There are also desktop software that can submit your pages and create back-links for you, but most of them are spammy and will lead to problems down the road. I do not recommend them.

SocialAdr has several plans to chose from: if you want to spend a short time everyday doing Social Media Marketing manually, you can have it for free; or you can chose a pay plan to have others do it for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

After you have signed-up for an account, a wizard will guide you to set all your 27 Social Media accounts. This has to be done only once. The next step will be to go to the “Quick Share” tab and click a button to submit 5 links from other people to your social own accounts. Only 5 links can be submitted per day in order to avoid spamming the sites.

If you have, for example 25 accounts set-up and submit 5 links you will have then 125 links submitted. Some do not go through for some reasons and assuming only 100 links go through, you will get around 10 credits. You can then use these credits to submit your own links to the system that others will post on their Social Bookmarking sites.

The submission form is straight forward and very easy to use. There is also a BookMarklet script that you can install in your browser to directly send the links to your SocialAdr account. It is advised to spin your title and description for better results. Your links will be then entered in the queue for submission by others in SocialAdr to their Social Media sites.

The beauty of this system is that you do not submit your links to your own accounts, which is not very natural linking, but you submit to a variety of different users’ accounts. In exchange, you submit their links to your account.

That’s brilliant!

If you do not feel submitting manually, or you have lots of links to submit, you may upgrade to one of their paid monthly plan or buy one of their instant credit packages.

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