About Empower Network’s blogging system – 30 days traffic results


About Empower Network:

I have been blogging for a while everyday on my Empower Network blog. I have 46 posts on different topics that were published one a day. I set-up the Google Analytics account for the blog a month ago, so I can show only the 31 st last days of stats.

About Empower Network

The site has receive 564 unique visitors for the last 30 days, 84.23% are new visitors and 15.77% are returning visitors. Traffic sources are: 29.73% Search Traffic, 17.72% Referral Traffic and 52.55% Direct Traffic.

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For half of the period I have used SocialAdr with 50 links submitted for each post, while for the second period, I have used OnlyWire with 10 to 20 links submitted per posts. This was submitted to Twitter and Facebook as well, and the EN blog’s feed was used to populate new posts in my other personal blog www.pantika.com.

I got some traffic in my personal blog, which is a 10 years old domain name… but not has much as the Empower Network blog. The Alexa Rank of my personal blog is 3,784,400 while the EN blog is at 508. Pantika.com did send traffic back to the EN blog, so it is great to have them linked together.

About Empower Network‘s blog system results:

I can honestly say that after publishing all these posts I do get traffic to the blog with very little promotion. The only thing that was done is to submit each post link to Social Media and Bookmarking sites. I also did not get my posts right at the beginning as I was not doing proper keyword research and optimisation for them to rank higher in search engines. I have started doing that systematically and traffic results should improve as I create more content.

About Empower Network

Now that I have talked about traffic, let’s see what happened for ranking in Google. I didn’t check the ranking for all keywords and posts, but I have two examples.

Example 01:

This is a news item I used for a blog post. As you can see, the post is #1 in Google out of 17,500 results. The Home page is ranked #2. You can also see that my personal blog which has the same post title and only the 1st paragraph is ranked 3. The EN blog beats my own domain blog!

About Empower Network

The keyword phrase does not get that much monthly searches as it is local but traffic is still coming in.

Example 02:

This post is also a News item and more competitive than example 01. As you can see the post is ranked #6 after big News sites like the Huffington Post, the New York Daily News, the Daily Mail UK, the unfortunate Peter and Mary’s blog and Google image results. My personal blogwww.pantika.com which has the same content does not show at all. This is the proof that posting on an Authority site like the Empower Network does help get ranked in Google.

About Empower Network

About Empower Network‘s blog system:

I definitely will continue to publish daily posts to my EN blog has I get more traffic and get ranked better. I can use it to promote other product and services, affiliate products. And when I start to promote my posts more, traffic, leads and sales will come in.

Oh!… I forgot to mention that I got Leads too!

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