Adopt or foster abandoned baby ‘Chloe’!


Baby ‘Chloe’:

Abandoned baby ’Chloe’ in Houston is all over the news.  The baby girl was found in a plastic bag by a woman walking her dog. This piece of news is very disturbing… How can parents, if this is the case, can abandon their child is such a way in the US?

baby 'Chloe'

Screenshot of baby ’Chloe’ from MyFox Houston : See Video here


The baby found alive in a plastic bag may have been abandoned by her parents, but now people all over Houston are asking to take her in.

Hospital staff nicknamed the newborn “Chloe”. The baby girl is estimated to have been a couple hours old when she was discovered by a woman walking her dog. As CPS, Child Protective Services, tries to find Chloe’s birth family, many are asking to adopt her. If you are also wondering how Chloe can become part of your family, get in line.

Houstonians have spent all day calling, emailing, asking ‘how can I adopt baby Chloe?’. Here’s the deal. Having a baby by adopting, fostering or by giving birth all take about the same amount of time.

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Good luck to baby ‘Chloe’

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