Alien Life Makes No Doubt


Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Confirms Alien Life:

Pilots and astronauts have seen unidentified flying objects for a long time and their testimony have always been dismissed or covered-up. There are more and more high respected people that come forward to tell us about alien life. They confirm that aliens exist and with them lots of UFOlogists investigate images and interview witnesses to show the world that we are not alone.

Published on Jul 3, 2013
Recently American Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and others informed the President of the United States Barack Obama in writing about the existence of Extraterrestrial Life visiting Earth. How will the US GOV and President react to this bold move on behalf of what could be the most credible testimony on the existence of alien life visiting our planet.

This is re-assuring to hear this astronaut say that if the aliens intentions were hostile, we would be gone long ago.

Ancient Alien Life on Mars

Alien Life

The more exploration we will do, the more discoveries we will make. There are evidence of alien structures present on planet Mars.

Low resolution images may let us think that what we see is a natural landscape, but as images get sharper, we can clearly see that these structures are artificial.

If there are alien structures on a planet like Mars, there might be on other planets too. We haven’t been able to go farther yet, but it is likely we will find alien life too.

Watch this amazing video showing a broken transportation tube in a Mars valley.

Best UFO Sightings Of 2014, AFO

Published on Jul 5, 2013
Aliens spacecraft captured at camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The discovery of an ancient spacecraft and the broken transportation tube is unbelievable, and that is proof of alien life.

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