American tourist hacked to death by Bangkok taxi driver


Bangkok Taxi Driver kills American passenger:

Is it safe to travel by taxi in Bangkok? I have been using taxis in Bangkok for several years and there is usually no problem at all with the Bangkok taxi drivers except that some of them drive very dangerously. I am very saddened by today’s news of the death of an American killed by a Bangkok taxi driver over a disagreement on the fare.

Bangkok Taxi

A Thai taxi driver has been charged with murder after allegedly hacking an American passenger to death who ‘refused to pay a fare worth less than $2′.

CCTV caught part of the fatal row in Bangkok, and shows a man — later identified as 32-year-old cab driver Chidchai Utmacha — brandishing a long blade, authorities said.
Utmacha allegedly confessed to grabbing a 12-inch machete from his trunk and slashing Troy Lee Pilkington with it.

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If you travel in Thailand and disagree with a Bangkok taxi driver over the fare, you’d better let it go and pay. Thais often complain themselves that they are not given the change, not dropped at destination, etc… Being a foreigner, with the language issue, it makes it easy for the Bangkok taxidriver to lose face and react violently. The arrogance also of some tourists make this happen unfortunately.

Bangkok Taxi Driver confessed

Bangkok Taxi

The footage shows the taxi driver swinging a machete as a man, identified as Mr Pilkington, flails his arms and tries to grab the driver.

The two men then move out of the camera’s view, and seconds later, the sword-wielding driver reappears in the frame as he flees the scene.

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Source: Daily Mail Co UK

I hope that this piece of news about this Bangkok taxi driver murderer won’t dissuade you of visiting Thailand.

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