Are Psychics Real or Scam Artists?


Are Psychics Real?

There are many legitimate stories of mediums helping law enforcement solve murder or disappearance cases, or giving some peace to families who have lost someone. There are also bad apples who take advantage of others claiming they have abilities they do not have. You may ask yourself this question Are Psychics Real?

These abuses happen often in poor countries where people are most inclined to believe in psychic phenomena. The scammer is well trained and like a magician fool people for huge amounts of money. That’s disgraceful. In another hand true mediums will work for free or a small fee. Unfortunately there are also very sophisticated scams in the US taking advantage of desperate sick people as you have seen in the video.

Are Psychics Real?

Are Psychics Real

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Are Psychics Real or Good Guessers?

This video annoyed me a bit as I am a believer in the paranormal and psychics powers. But it shows that there are also some good guesses made by psychics… In the video, different psychics try to tell about the life of a person they have in front of them, but who is hidden by a wall. This exercise is more like trying to enter the someone’s mind and I prefer psychics communicating with the dead.

Are Psychics Real? Part1

Uploaded on Oct 8, 2008
An analysis of a reading given by one of Australia’s foremost psychics to Guy Leech. Excerpts from “The One” The search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic Episode 4. Transmitted 29 July 2008 in Australia. With critical analysis.

This second part shows other tentative by psychics to discover about the life of hidden Australian personalities.

Are Psychics Real? Part2

Uploaded on Oct 14, 2008
An analysis of a readings given by 3 of australias foremost psychics to Paul O’Brien, Toni Pearen and Justin Melvey. Excerpts from “The One” The search for Australias Most Gifted Psychic Episode 4. Transmitted 29 July 2008 in Australia. With critical analysis.

Source: Thettguy channel on Youtube

I hope you enjoyed these videos and make yourself an opinion. Are psychics real? Comment below.

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