Are Vaccinations and Autism Linked?


Yesterday, I came across a FaceBook post that brought my attention. The information shared by one of my friend was titled “Leaving the Anti-vaccine Movement – Voices for Vaccines”. As a parent of a 3 years old girl, I once questioned myself if I should or not vaccinate my child.

I followed the link to read the blog post that I found interesting. A young mother explains how she was actively promoting anti-vaccine information and then changed her mind after doing her own research.

“My anti-vaccine friends had put ideas into my head, such as  not trusting government websites. I was forced to rely on whatever I could find while Googling… I even started “liking” anti-vaccine pages on Facebook. I got added to Facebook groups like “Great Mothers Questioning Vaccines.”

Read the article here: Leaving the Anti-vaccine Movement

When my daughter was born, she received almost immediately her first shot. She then received immunization shots following a schedule of recommended vaccinations carefully recorded in a bilingual vaccination booklet (we live in Thailand). We did not vaccinate her unecessarily and trusted our pediatrician’s judgment who was not pushing on everything to be done.

More here: Christina got her shot at the BNH Hospital Today!

Is Autism related to Vaccination?

My daughter then started to regress a bit in her speech, was not making eye contact and not responding when she was called. We brought her to a child psychologist who diagnosed her at around 16 months old as being on the autism spectrum. That was not something I wanted to believe or accept.

After researching on the Internet about autism and vaccination, I questioned our decision to have her vaccinated. There are on the Internet groups of people that say some components in the vaccines could be the cause of autism, but this is only speculation as no research has proved this.

In the contrary, different researches have proved that vaccines are not a cause for autism. See this document: Vaccine Studies FAQ

The federal court also ruled in 2010 that Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism.

Of course there will always be people who think that the US government supports vaccination and that no research is damaging to the use of vaccines because they have an interest in it.

There are so many immunization shots in the first two years when autism is diagnosed that it is normal to find this might be the cause.

Unvaccinated children have autism too! 

What scare parents away from immunization is autism, but nothing has been proved and unvaccinated children have it too, it is unlikely to be the cause.

“I have two unvaccinated children who are on the autism spectrum and have never vaccinated any of my children. I say to those who argue that an unvaccinated child cannot have autism spectrum disorder that YES, they can.”

This is what a twenty-one-year-old living with autism says:

“I’m a twenty-one-year-old living with autism.  I was born this way. My autism was not a result of vaccines. I am who I am, and I’m okay with that. Please don’t put babies at risk of dying in order to spare them the possibility of autism, because the two are not connected.”

Read the article here.

Treatment of Autism

My daughter started occupational therapy, ABA therapy and speech therapy since she was diagnosed and after one year and a half, her autism seems to be nearly gone. She still has a few issues like speech delay, but she is exposed to 3 languages, that may contribute to the delay. She now enjoys company, look at people in the eyes, has role plays, repeat words and behave has a normal child, even better.

I say “better” because even if she is not at the same level as her peers in language, she is so much advanced in other areas. The alphabet is no secret for her, she can learn by herself and is very interested in letters and numbers. There is no silly games or TV at home, in fact, she turns it off when we turn it on. We, parents, can’t watch TV when she is doing her ABCs…

There are many autists that live with some social impairments but with extraordinary gifts:

Math prodigy proud of his autism

Is that the result of vaccination?

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