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List building with blogging:

I used to be in a situation where I had no clue on how to build a list. I decided then to study list building, which is one aspect of Internet marketing, in order to improve my Online business results. Setting-up an auto-responder and the follow-up messages is not the most difficult part. Making a capture page is a bit more challenging if you do not have the proper tools, but it is feasible. The most difficult part for every marketer on the Internet is traffic.

Let me show you what I was able to achieve for my list building campaigns in a few months.

list building

The big number you see is the number of people who have subscribed, and the smaller one is the numbers of people currently in the list. It is inferior because some people have unsubscribed or their email addresses have bounced. You may think that it is not a lot, but it’s a start. Most beginners in list building would be happy to have +3,000 leads.

I started to build my list in Aweber first, but I wanted to be able to send messages in other languages for my eCommerce site, and GetResponse can do that perfectly. I started from scratch with zero leads and if I can do it, you can too.

As you can see some lists have higher numbers than others. It all depends on the offer you have and the traffic method you used. The quality of leads is also different from one list to another, and that’s how you can later decide which kind of traffic to continue using and which ones to drop.

I have found that the best leads are those you get from your website or your blog. Unfortunately it is very difficult to scale up your list building results if you use only free traffic. For a certain amount of visitors per day coming to your site, you can expect a certain amount of leads. In order to get more, you will need more traffic.

When you are starting with a new blog, this may be challenging because your traffic is minimal. You may have to wait quite a while before you see your first lead. Blogging is a long term strategy, but necessary. What’s great is that your blog’s traffic produces free leads, which is good to take.

List Building – Capture Page

While your blog traffic develops you should be promoting a capture page.

Capture Page

A capture page is a page containing a form designed to capture a visitor’s first name and email address. A catchy headline and a sub-headline giving possible solution to someone’s problem will make the visitor enter their details in exchange for your free information. After having the lead in your auto-responder system, you have permission to email them responsibly. That’s a necessary tool to use for your list building efforts.

Now, when you are using free or paid marketing to promote your business you should be using a capture page, not a blog. What you want is to put your capture page in front of as many eye-balls as possible. If you are posting adverts on free classified, use your capture page. If you are using paid advertising, you absolutely need to use your capture page.

In this post I am not going to write about traffic, this will be for another time. What I wanted to share with you is that it is possible to start from scratch with zero leads and increase your list building results.

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