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Apple service center in Bangkok:

I am a big fan of Apple computers and have been using them for years. Yesterday, my 5 years oldMacBook started to fail. The display decided to turn black after a few seconds making it impossible to use. This is the first time this computer has a problem, except that I had to replace the battery twice and the power cord once.

Apple service centerI then decided to go to the Apple service center near my office, opposite to Central Rama III in Bangkok. I went there a couple of years ago to have a hard disk replaced on another machine and this was done efficiently. Unfortunately, I was turned down this time as the place is now only an office and not taking in repair work.

So, I went to the iMedic Apple service center in Fashion Island instead. I know the place as I had a battery refurbished six months ago. After having waited for 20 minutes that the expert guy, who was socializing with another customer far too long finishes, I was told in 1 minute and 35 seconds that the MacBook can’t be repaired…

Apple Service Center – No Parts

After having a brief look at the machine his diagnosis was either one of these:

– The display is dead.
– The component, which I don’t know the name, that connects the display and the computer malfunctions.
– The motherboard is failing.

I hoped that it would be the part that connects the computer that needs replacements. If it was the display or the motherboard, I do not think it would be worth repairing… But the problem in fact is just that iMedic Apple service center in Bangkok does not have the parts!

I was told that after 5 years Apple does not store the computer parts anymore and consequently the computer can’t be fixed. Seeing my astonishment and my despair, I was told by this compassionate computer repair expert that the machine still could be fixed in Panthip Plaza Prathunam or Gnamwongwan using used parts.

How disappointing is that?

I buy all my computers in Apple stores, but I have to have them repaired in Phantip Plaza! Sure, I will have a go as I hate to throw things away that still can be repaired.

I don’t know if this is the same policy worldwide or if it is just for Thailand, but they could collect used parts of Mac computers that go to the rubbish in order to repair those of owners who want to. I believe that their interest is more you buying a new machine.

I still love Macs and I will buy a new one eventually. But now, I know that the lifespan of the machine will be a maximum of 5 years. This is something I will take into account when choosing my next model hoping to visit the Apple service center not earlier than five years.

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