Behind the scene of an eCommerce Site


eCommerce site:

More than a web presence is necessary for an eCommerce site. Hosting and a domain name is just the start to build a shop online. You need stock, which means space… and it can be a lot of space. Then, you need the shelves to store your products… and then, there is the process of taking the orders, checking the transactions and packing. And finally, going to the post office everyday with 1 or 2 big bags of product to mail.

– I am quite happy finally to sell digital products… –

eCommerce site

Three weeks ago I assembled 10 metallic shelves for my wife’s eCommerce site.

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I then cut all the white future boards at their proper dimensions to fix them on the sides, back and 4 shelves… which was not fun at all. Hopefully, I still have all my fingers!

These last 3 days, I installed all the white future boards on 8 units of the metallic shelves. That was so time consuming… and a lot of patience was required.

Look at the pictures below to see the method I used:

eCommerce site

In the center left photo, you can see the tools I used: 2 clips, 2 nails, string and scissors. The first step was to clip the white future board where it belongs. Then, to pierce 2 small holes with the small nail at each point of attach. Then, to enlarge the holes with the bigger nail, cut the string and push it in the 2 holes with the small nail. And finally knotting the string on the other side.

Now let’s do a bit of Maths:

One side has 12 points of attach: 24 holes.

The back has 20 points of attach: 40 holes

The back / sides have 12 points of attach: 24 holes

That’s a total of 112 holes for each unit… and 896 holes for the 8 units.

I can’t believe I pierced 896 holes in my last three days…

That’s what behind the scene of an eCommerce site.

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