Black people look younger, like 1/3 of their age!


Look Younger

Do black people look younger than caucasians?

It seems that the guys in this video confirm this.

I swear black people look like 1/3 of their age, my dad looked like he wad 50 when he was 28.

How can she have an 18 year old son? Did you have him when you were 2?

…I’m actually jealous, you know what I mean? In my family, your hair starts receding and instantly turns grey, and the wrinkles appear. ”

-David Wood

Living in Asia, I can confirm that asian people look younger than their age. 40 years old women look like they are in their mid twenties and men, maybe a bit older, but rarely they have wrinkles and very little know baldness.

Nothing that we can do to beat them, just living a healthy life can help us look younger!

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